Application Requirement

Taipei Music Academy & Festival



Application Deadline: Apri 30, 2019


Round One: Applicants submit completed application form, audition recordings, supplementary materials (optional), and application fee.


Video Recording Guidelines

  • Video recordings must contain all audition repertoire in the order listed below. Each work should be submitted in a separate media file. Any indication that there has been editing will result in the disqualification of the applicant.
  • Live concert video recording within past 12 months can be used in the solo repertoire category.
  • We strongly recommend you view your recording all the way through before submitting


If you are applying for the Formosa Quartet Seminar (FQS), please make sure to include both the audition repertoire in the video recording from “Formosa Quartet Seminar” and “Chamber Music and Orchestra”. A Pre-Formed Quartet is welcome to apply, but an additional audition recording will be required.

Application Deadline: 

Early Application:1/28/2019 – 3/15/2019

Regular Application:3/16/2019 – 4/30/2019

Application fee:

USD$80.00 (NTD$2,500) early registration

USD$100.00 (NTD$3,100) regular registration

Scholarship Available



Program Option 1:

CMO (Chamber Music Orchestra)

Tuition NTD$62,500 (USD$2,016)

Accommodation NTD$15,500 (USD$500)

Total NTD$78,000 (USD$2,516)

Program Option 2:

FQS (Formosa Quartet Seminar)

Tuition NTD$62,500 (USD$2,016)

Accommodation NTD$18,500 (USD$597)

Total NTD$81,000 (USD$2,613)


Dormitories at the TNUA will be available. Lodging not included in tuition. Taipei residents can commute from home but we recommend staying on campus to truly get the feel for the various activities offered by TaipeiMAF.



Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided. Breakfast, lunch, dinner during concert nights and all meals during concert tour are included. Nearby just down the hill is one of the most popular night market if anyone craves a snack.