Taipei Music Academy and Festival (TMAF)

TMAF is entering its fifth season and I’m very pleased about that. The mission remains absolutely the same from day one, which is to give young musicians the best opportunity, not only to learn, but to play alongside senior musicians of great known stature, great experiences, and great accomplishments.

So, the ultimate goal is to teach these wonderful young talents how to play together, and how to make music on the highest level, but in a combined effort. Nobody is ever sort of alone because you want to play chamber music well, you want to be able to play a solo repertoire well, and you want to be able to play orchestra as a vibrant and energetic member that contributes to the overall performances. Those are very important learning points for every musician, not only young but more established musicians as well. After all, even if you harbor the dream of becoming a world-renowned virtuoso, you still need to play with an orchestra, still need to play with a pianist, and still need to play chamber music from time to time.

Therefore, the idea of how to work with others is really important and that‘s why we hope to do it year after year at TMAF. It will be a brilliant summer to remember. Come, and join us!

Cho-Liang Lin

Artistic Director

About TMAF

The Taipei Music Academy & Festival welcomes young musicians aged 15 to 30 who are interested in working with a world class faculty in an immersive and inspiring environment. The lovely campus of the National Taipei University of the Arts, situated on a mountainside overlooking Taipei, serves as our home.

Academy participants will choose either chamber music or chamber ensemble, as well as partake in the Festival Orchestra. Every musician will receive daily coaching in chamber music and chamber ensemble. For orchestra, faculty will play and coach alongside young musicians in every rehearsal and performance. Master classes are available to those interested in solo repertoire, as well as opportunities to build professional skills with our mock orchestra auditions and orchestral excerpt tutorials.