TMAF Code of Conduct

The Taipei Music Academy and Festival strives to be recognized as the foremost institution dedicated to classical music education, performance, and presentation. Our mission is to transform and inspire all participants, foster musical excellence, and drive positive change in the music world while honoring and preserving its rich traditions.
Everyone in the TMAF community has made a deliberate choice to be part of this institution and is expected to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, conduct themselves with respect, and create an environment that is without distraction to both learning and the making of music. This requires that all students, faculty, and staff exemplify the values of TMAF and treat one another with the utmost respect and dignity. TMAF prides itself on being a welcoming institution that embraces diversity in all its forms. We are dedicated to fostering an open and inclusive atmosphere where participants from all backgrounds and perspectives feel respected and valued. 
Our policy on sexual harassment underscores the right of every student, faculty member, and staff member to work in an environment that is free from discriminatory practices and behaviors, including sexual harassment. At TMAF, any form of sexual harassment—be it verbal, physical, or environmental—is strictly unacceptable and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.