TMAF is very aware of the coronavirus outbreak

TMAF is very aware of the coronavirus outbreak. Taiwan is unfortunately lumped into the greater China region and gets the unjustified reputation as an area of contagion.

According to data collated by Johns Hopkins CSSE, there are 23 confirmed cases in Taiwan with one fatality. The fatality being a cab driver who took a passenger returning from China. The case numbers are similar to the US (29 cases with no fatality). The US government has no warnings nor travel advisories for Taiwan.

TMAF continues to monitor the situation closely. During the festival, volunteers will include senior doctors. The current situation is obviously fluid, but please know Taiwan has one of the finest health care system in the world. Participants' well being is TMAF's absolute priority.

TMAF welcomes Akiko Suwanai to TMAF 2020 as faculty!

Ms Suwanai is the gold medal winner of 1990 Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. She has gone on to a highly successful international solo career. Today, she is one of the most sought after musicians in the world. Ms Suwanai will join a world-class faculty at TMAF and will bring her immense musicianship to share to our students.

TMAF announces the appointment of Hai-Ye Ni as cello faculty for the 2020 festival

TMAF is very pleased to announce the appointment of Hai-Ye Ni as cello faculty for the 2020 festival. Artistic Director Cho-Liang Lin states “Hai-Ye Ni is a world-class musician with a distinguished career as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestral leader and teacher. Ms. Ni is the principal cellist of the Philadelphia Orchestra. She will join an already superb roster of faculty. Ms. Ni will bring her vast experience to share with the young musicians at TMAF. I am elated by this appointment.”

【藝術文化】林昭亮號召星秀音樂節 學員近距離與大師比鄰而坐

圖片說明 : 首屆台北大師星秀音樂節將在8月登場,音樂家林昭亮(左3)號召年輕學子與大師切磋。(台北大師星秀音樂節/提供)

自由時報-藝術文化 | 記者陳昱勳 | 台北大師星秀音樂節提供 | 2019/06/11由旅美音樂家林昭亮號召,結合音樂營與演出的第一屆台北大師星秀音樂節,將於8月登場。此次音樂節吸引超過200位來自亞太多國學子報名,經審查後選出66位成為音樂節學員,林昭亮表示,參加徵選多為音樂高材生,其中不乏來自知名音樂學院或國際大賽獲獎者,8月3日開始,將由20位頂尖師資進行17天紮實的訓練及講座,包括室內樂、獨奏、管弦樂片段指導及大師班等。

音樂節期間還有備受注目的7場音樂會,包括 8月3日由福爾摩沙四重奏擔綱演出的開幕音樂會;8月9日的「大師音樂會」,由18位國際首席大師包括費城管弦樂團小提琴首席金大衛、紐約愛樂樂團小提琴首席黃欣、大提琴家林恩‧哈瑞爾,阿姆斯特丹皇家大會堂長笛首席艾蜜莉‧貝儂、福爾摩沙四重奏等,輪番呈現巴赫《布蘭登堡協奏曲》及布拉姆斯、韋伯、泰雷曼的室內樂作品。8月11日另有曾宇謙與多位大師的音樂會。



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