TMAF welcomes Richard Woodhams to TMAF 2021 as faculty!

TMAF's esteemed oboe faculty, Gordon Hunt, is not able to travel to San Francisco due to United States travel restrictions placed on all visitors from the United Kingdom. We tried very hard to obtain an exemption for Mr. Hunt but it is not successful. However, we are delighted and thankful that Richard Woodhams has agreed to step in. This long-tenured principal oboist of the Philadelphia Orchestra is an icon among world-class wind performers. We welcome Mr. Woodhams to TMAF@SF 2021. For more information on Mr. Woodhams, Please click here!

TMAF will take place the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (SFCM)

Last year, when concert halls around the world faced indefinite closure as the pandemic swept across the globe, Taiwan was a fortress of health and safety. It offered perhaps the safest music sanctuary in the world. Concerts took place and musicians played to packed houses. But the tide turned recently as a surge of Covid-19 related infections started to menace the populace in Taiwan. Obliging the guidelines of the health authorities means TMAF with all its educational activities and concerts can no longer take place in Taipei this summer.

How do we keep the music going? This difficult challenge landed on my lap exactly two months before the scheduled start of TMAF. I felt a keen obligation to keep the promise to the young musicians. The show must go on. But how?

Life has certain ebb and flow. As concert hall lights dim in Taiwan, the curtains in America are starting to raise. Can I pivot to America that quickly? Luckily, I got connected with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. After a conversation with their visionary and energetic president, David Stull, I felt this might just be possible. Our collaboration evolved and progressed quickly. We had to act fast. We had to work out venues, new programs, student housing, vaccination, concert planning, lodging for the faculty, new staff, catering and rerouting the faculty and students 10,000km away. Not easy. But I am pleased to present to you TMAF@SF. The talented students will have state of the art facilities at San Francisco Conservatory for their studies and performances.

We will present performances in two beautiful concert halls at the San Francisco Conservatory. The acoustically excellent Hume Concert Hall and the brand new Barbro Osher Recital Hall in the stunning Bowes Center. We will also perform a concert at the Frost Amphitheater on Stanford University campus in Palo Alto. Our concerts will be streamed by Violin Channel worldwide as well as being aired by Taiwanese TV.

I am grateful to the San Francisco Conservatory for their invaluable help. I am moved by the generosity of our great sponsors in Taiwan and many supporters in the USA. Despite this detour, they have remained steadfast in their support of this festival.

TMAF wishes Taiwan a speedy tamping down of the infections. I look forward to TMAF returning to Taipei in 2022. This summer, however, come and watch us in gorgeous San Francisco or online. I know all the musicians will play with their hearts and with great beauty.

Artistic Director, Taipei Music Academy & Festival

For more information about TMAF@SF, Please click here!

TMAF welcomes Stephen Paulson to TMAF 2021 as faculty!

Due to travel restrictions, our esteemed bassoon faculty Jin Min Zhang is not able to perform and teach at TMAF. We are extremely fortunate to have Stephen Paulson step in as our bassoon faculty. Mr. Paulson is the principal bassoonist of the San Francisco Symphony and faculty at the San Francisco Conservatory. We welcome Mr. Paulson to TMAF. For more information on Mr. Paulson, Please click here!

TMAF welcomes the prominent pianist Garrick Ohlsson as guest artist of TMAF@SF 2021!

Pianist Garrick Ohlsson will join TMAF@SF 2021 and perform as a guest artist in the TMAF Faculty All-Star Concert on August 4 in the Piano Quintet of Dvořák.

Since his triumph as winner of the 1970 Chopin International Piano Competition, Garrick Ohlsson has established himself worldwide as a musician of magisterial interpretive and technical prowess. He commands an enormous repertoire, which ranges over the entire piano literature. As one of the most sought-after concert pianists today, he is a frequent guest of leading orchestras and festivals worldwide. To date, he has at his command more than 80 concertos and numerous recordings.

We are very thrilled about this concert and the opportunity to hear this great artist!

For more information on Mr. Ohlsson, Please click here!

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