TMAF String Orchestra

Members of TMAF String Orchestra:

  • Violin:

Yung-Ning Chang

Cheng-Hsuan Chen

Jie-Sih Chen

Wei-Lin Chen

Hsin Chien

Yu-Chia Hsu

Yan  Liang

Chia-Chen Lin

Chia-Lun Mu

Min-Han Tsai

Thompson Wang

Yun-Shuo (Angie) Wang

Jia-Ying Wei

Jessica (Jo-Tzu) Yang

Shuan-Lei Yang

Ya-Chun Yang


  • Viola:

Yuchun Cheng

Hsing-Hsin Ching

Ming Yu Hsu

Yi-Pei Lin

Tzu-Teng Liu

Li-Jen Wang

Chieh-I (Candy) Yang


  • Cello:

Cheng Liang

Pi-Wei Lin

I-Cheng Liu

Yun-Ya Lo

Weiting Sun

Mu-Wei Wang

Jocelyn Yeh


  • Double Bass:

Szu Ting (Ormay) Chen

Tiffany Kung

Shih-Chi Luo

Ying-che (Evan) Tsai

Chloe (Ching-Ju) Yu

Arranged in alphabetical order

In Memoriam Lynn Harrell

In Memoriam Lynn Harrell

I am enormously saddened at the passing of Lynn Harrell. He has been a top concert cellist for the past 50 years and TMAF was fortunate to have him as a faculty member in our first season. During TMAF 2019, Mr. Harrell reprised his role as principal cello fifty years after he served as principal cellist in the Cleveland Orchestra under George Szell. The students at TMAF had a rare opportunity to learn from this master musician. The fellow faculty members enjoyed his incredible musicianship and good company. On behalf of TMAF, I send our condolences to his family and loved ones. We will miss this dear friend.
Cho-Liang Lin

Isaac Stern @100 Master Classes

On behalf of TMAF, I am pleased to announce an incredible opportunity for violin students to study with some of the best violinists and teachers in the world. TMAF is starting a new series of lessons and master classes this summer right in Taipei on the campus of NTNU. We will offer four days of daily lessons with these masters and unlimited chances to audit classes. We are calling this new project Stern@100 to honor the centenary of the great violinist Isaac Stern. I welcome you to enroll in this rare opportunity to learn from the best.

Cho-Liang Lin

Artistic Director, TMAF

For more information please visit: Isaac Stern @100 Master Classes

TMAF welcomes Akiko Suwanai to TMAF 2020 as faculty!

Ms Suwanai is the gold medal winner of 1990 Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. She has gone on to a highly successful international solo career. Today, she is one of the most sought after musicians in the world. Ms Suwanai will join a world-class faculty at TMAF and will bring her immense musicianship to share to our students.

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